​Rule #173 of living on the mountain:  God builds up His chosen ones

It is Wednesday morning.  Near the wet meadow the mournful cry of a dove is sounding, “Awhooo Awhooo Awhooo”.  The creek rushes on down the mountain with a mighty roar.  Little streams are still running from the eastern ridge down to the creek.  The smaller trees now have green-brown branches at the ends of their gray branches, and buds can be easily seen.  Soon the forest will be green again.  Every small animal and bird seem more active than before.  Small birds attempt to access the greenhouse while carrying twigs in their beaks.  Most settle for the trees instead, but one is persistent and the fat brown cat is on alert.   The ground cover of brown leaves is disturbed in a wide pattern traveling from the dirt road to the eastern ridge, but the moist springy soil has not retained hoof or paw prints from the movement.  It is a day to wait patiently and see what emerges.


In the book of Daniel, chapter 8, Daniel was given a vision.  He sought understanding of the vision and one who looked like a man, spoke with him.  But Daniel fell asleep while the man-like one was speaking.

“Now while he was talking with me, I sank into a deep sleep with my face to the ground; but he touched me and made me stand upright.  He said, ‘Behold, I am going to let you know what will occur at the final period of indignation, for it pertains to the appointed time of the end.'”

Now, as Gabriel was speaking, Daniel was stunned, in a deep sleep or stupefied, face flat on the earth, until Gabriel woke him and stood him on his feet.  The Hebrew text indicates a more forceful encounter than “but he touched me”.  While Gabriel stood Daniel up straight before him, Daniel felt he was standing, but glued to the spot he stood on.  

Gabriel spoke rather forcefully.  “LISTEN” or “LOOK HERE” “Behold” Gabriel expressed surprise to maintain Daniel’s attention, just like a drill sergeant.

I need to pause and wonder what it takes for humans to actively communicate with heavenly beings.  Daniel seemed to be in a state of mind that was nearly sleep.  I think back to the stories of how the Nephilim were born when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men and took wives for themselves of whom they chose – Genesis 6:2.  Those women didn’t stand a chance of fighting off what was essentially fallen angel rapists and gave birth to deformed sons.

But back to Gabriel and Daniel.  In the Hebrew, he told Daniel he would make the prophet understand the last “frothing of the mouth” appointment in extremity of time.  We interpret that into English as the final days of God’s wrath.  

God froths at the mouth.  That’s a whole lot different picture than I imagined.  The book of Daniel has revealed a lot of who God is.

God is judge

God is Ancient of Days

God froths at the mouth

God gives orders and heavenly beings follow

God gives understanding that encompasses seeing, hearing, intuition and emotion

God created universes

God destroys the proud

God builds up the outcast

God protects His chosen ones

God sent His only begotten son so that absolutely anyone who declares allegiance to Jesus can become a chosen one.    Thank God!

Parallel veins, fuzzy leaves… What is that?


It is Wednesday morning.  The days are running together in my mind.  Did I work outside on Monday?  Perhaps it was last week.  Did I get sunshine each day?  No, surely not, because it rains frequently in the hollow.  

I have not been to town in three weeks.  The recycling is piling up.  The coronavirus is claiming lives sixty miles from here, and I do not care to waltz right into danger, so I stay home.   I cannot shake the inclination to believe that God has allowed this era in humanity for fulfillment of His purpose.

We are appointed to go through this.  But will we be faithful to cry out to our Creator for rescue?

Home is not my anchor.  Jesus is my anchor.  This place, beautiful as it is, is just a layover between birth and heaven.

If a misfit like me could become one of God’s chosen ones, surely anyone can join God’s chosen ones.  It’s a simple process of declaring allegiance to Jesus above allegiance to the world.

Thank God.

Rocks, sand and daffodils!

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