Rest in His Mercy


Monday. Peering deep into the forest causes one to wonder. Is it warmest there where the green is darkest? If one could walk through the places where the thin shrubby trees grow within inches of each other, would that be the true heart of the forest? The leaves are bright green where the sunlight strikes them, but there in the heart of the forest there is only dark dark green and black squiggling lines. The sky in all directions is hazy blue. Underfoot the sandy soil is loose and spotted with split hoof prints. Life in the forest means peace.



Isaiah 1. Verse 24.

Therefore the Lord God of hosts,
The Mighty One of Israel, declares,
“Ah, I will be relieved of My adversaries
And avenge Myself on My foes.”

Isaiah called God “The Mighty One of Israel” and “The Lord God of hosts”. His respect for God is ever present.

Perhaps God is just as weary as we are of wrongdoing, chaos and disease. He lets out a heavy sigh, “Ahhhh”. He will vent His great anger and put His mind at ease. In Isaiah’s day, and in our time, let His justice come.

We will hide under the redemptive blood of Jesus.  We find mercy, even now, even now.



Old age. Illness. God has set me down in this mountain hollow to rest. Some days, rest is what I do.  I rejoice in His mercy.

What is our name for God? I mean, besides “God”?
Holy One
God of Peace
The Almighty
Eternal Father
Glorious Father
Everlasting God
Lover of my soul
Wonderful Counselor
Eternally Existing God


and Let His kingdom come.

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